Know that no means no

Know Means No Poster

Rape & Sexual assault poster 1

Sexual violence includes rape, which is sexual intercourse without consent, whether or not violence or force is used.

Using drugs, threats, or any other force to pressure someone into intercourse is also rape.

However, sexual violence also includes non-penetrative sexual activity without consent or against the victim’s wishes. The victim may be male or female, adult or child.

If something has happened try to remember that there are people who will not make judgements about what has happened and want to listen and support you.

KNOW you are SAFE

Speak to someone about what has happened – there are crisis organisations with specially trained staff who can offer advice if you don’t want to speak to a friend or family

Ask a friend or someone you trust to stay with you

Find a safe place, somewhere you feel comfortable

Ensure you stay warm, you might be in shock

KNOW that you’re not alone                                                                  KNOW this isn’t your fault                                                                               KNOW there is help out there